My values

Everything I write in The CP Diary pays homage to my experiences and emotional wellbeing. I believe there are many aspects to our emotional wellbeing that are linked, and others that will need us to think differently. On the back of my experiences, each blog carries a value and message.

I love to write about the things that mean something to me, like the values placed upon us as individuals and how those values play out in our lives. The old-fashioned values of caring and making a …

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21 Jan, 2011

Saying sorry

I believe both children and adults find it difficult to accept they’re wrong that someone else is right, but how many of us will actually admit we’re wrong?

But the reality is that without us saying sorry, we’re shaping our future to be right without seeing ourselves as ever being wrong. Never being wrong or being able to back down and re-address …

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18 Jan, 2011

Making our own choices

I understand that in life sometimes we have to make decisions or choices that family or society expect us to make, but those choices sadly don’t always fit in with our own wants and needs.

It also depends on what we learn as children. If our parents don’t help us with our choices that will help us make decisions, it will rarely happen when we’re adults. If we’re given choices, we will …

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17 Jan, 2011

Negative self-talk cont.d

As a continuation from my last blog on negative self-talk, I believe without the confidence and self-esteem, it’s very easy to let negative self-talk in.

The following tips may help us become aware:

  • Do we pull ourselves down constantly; particularly when someone pays us a compliment?
  • Do we see ourselves as being intelligent?
  • Do we think highly or even like ourselves?
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15 Jan, 2011

Negative self-talk

When I was little, I used to negative self-talk so much I worried those bad things would really happen. The negative self-talk was always there, it seemed to follow me like a shadow. If someone I knew had cancer, I thought I would get it too.

What I didn’t realise was that when we grow up with so much negativity around us, negative self-talk becomes our daily dialogue. I remember getting ready to go on holiday and not being able …

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14 Jan, 2011

Tips for being assertive

Being assertive means we’re able to say what we want or need, without allowing others to dictate their needs over ours. When we can communicate in an open way, we are being assertive.

It is important though that we never allow judgments that are not our own to become more important than our own thinking. As children, we often have very little choice over the choices our parents …

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13 Jan, 2011

The problems with meat

Not eating meat and meat products is something I should have done a long time ago. There has been a lot of media coverage about meat products and how potentially harmful it can be for our health.

Meat can contain bacteria and carcinogens that can remain in the body for years and whilst farmers still continue to use antibiotics, dioxins, hormones and other toxins on their farms, we may continue …

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12 Jan, 2011