The remedy Allium Cepa

Allium cepa, also known as Liliaceae, is derived from the red onion family and is primarily used for those suffering from headaches; earaches; colds; tickly coughs and hay fever.

Key uses of Allium Cepa

Allium Cepa is used on those patients suffering with headaches, or children who suffer with earaches, with a sharp pain in the ear. The patient will use this remedy for a cold, which stems from …

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17 Feb, 2011

More on problems with families

Like children need boundaries, so perhaps too do families. We need to set boundaries with family. We need to let them know what’s acceptable.

From my own experience we need to say No if we don’t want to do what our family want, but they have to accept we’re saying No. We have to be true to ourselves and go with what we want …

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16 Feb, 2011

Problems with families

I personally don’t believe there is such a thing as a perfect family. If there was, we’d all be the first in the queue to be a part of one.

As hard as we try we don’t always get the family thing right. We know when there is a fundamental breakdown of relationships because of the lack of support. In any event, the buck stops with us …

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15 Feb, 2011

No reserves on my health

I was reminded the other day how little reserve I have on my health. One bad choice sets my health back. It tips the scales between wellness and illness all the time.

It’s only when we get to the stage, where we tire of having to make better choices so that we can live our life that we realise what we actually deal with. Going back to the journal I wrote about John …

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14 Feb, 2011

Being premature

I have always believed that being born 6 weeks premature would lead to complications, but now my thoughts have been confirmed by a study, which was carried out at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

The study concluded that babies delivered from between 34-37 weeks would be more susceptible to risks of respiratory complications than those babies delivered from 38-40 weeks …

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12 Feb, 2011

CP & cold hands and feet

Another result of being premature and having Cerebral Palsy is that we may struggle with circulation and cold feet. As a child, I suffered with chilblains throughout the winter months. I remember my grandmother pointing it out to my mum as we were on our way to buy new shoes.

Chilblains known as PVD, (peripheral vascular disease) is the terminology given to a collection of conditions where those conditions result in an imbalance of circulation of blood to the feet …

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11 Feb, 2011

My feelings

I’m having a little bit of a downer on myself. Everything seems to be tumbling down on me. As parents, we pride ourselves on staying strong, as individuals away from being a parent, it’s easy for our emotions to take their toll, particularly because it’s our job to keep our family focused and happy and full time that’s a lot to ask.

Truth be known, my leg is weak, spastic and I hate that the whole Cerebral Palsy thing. I don’t feel in control of it. A new day for me to journal more of what I feel. Woke up fine, but still not feeling on …

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9 Feb, 2011