More on eating organic

Once we’ve made a conscious decision to eat organic, perhaps it’s a good idea to try and look for the most economical way of buying organic produce.

Although many people may agree with eating organic, they’re more likely to be put off by the cost of buying weekly organic produce. Of course the drawback is the higher costs incurred by farmers …

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30 Mar, 2011

Should we eat organic?

Although I have touched briefly on my next subject, I thought I would now blog about whether we should eat organic food, because it’s another important topic.

But first a little bit about food. Food can be a tool for having good or dealing with bad health, whether we eat organic or not. Certain foods are better and agree with us, more than other foods. For example …

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29 Mar, 2011

Reminders of my CP

My weekend was filled with thoughts that I feel I need to blog out. Seeing someone’s reflection in the mirror yesterday took me back to my struggling, looking at my own reflection in the mirror, whilst growing up.

Over the years, I have challenged myself to look in the mirror so I’m not as bad as I used to be. I try to consciously focus on what I need to look at, so the problem doesn’t bother me. My other thought turns to …

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28 Mar, 2011

Our world

Something inspirational:

Take time to step back and examine your world. Look at the sky at night and look at the stars in the sky. Think about the huge vastness of the known universe and then think about the vastness of the unknown universe. How big do our problems seem now? By looking at a problem in this way, our problems will always seem smaller and more manageable.

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27 Mar, 2011

More on guilt

Never trust guilt, instead act on it. The hardest thing to do is apologise if we do something wrong. I believe we distinctively know when we’ve done something wrong, because we begin to feel bad. Taking responsibility and admitting we’re wrong is different to holding on to someone else’s guilt.

But in order to act on guilt, we first need to be conscious on how we judge ourselves. When we stop making ourselves wrong, we will find it easier to deal with carrying the guilt. We must work on what we truly …

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26 Mar, 2011


Guilt is a burden many of us carry by the trunk load, either because of something someone else has done to us, or something we’ve done as a consequence of someone else. It’s in our subconscious, something we’re drawn to, which is why it’s difficult to let it go.

But the message we need to give ourselves when we’re carrying guilt is that we should redress the balance. Guilt never goes away until we deal with it. There needs to be a link between guilt and apology …

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25 Mar, 2011

My guilty feelings

I believe that no matter how parents raise their children, they will never get it right one hundred per cent. But what about those of us who continue to carry guilt over the actions of our parents?

I carried guilt for not persevering in school when I found it extremely difficult to keep up and was constantly falling behind. I carried guilt when I was asked why I wasn’t working, when in truth I was already …

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24 Mar, 2011

The remedy Argent Nit

Argent Nit (“Argentum Nitricum”) is derived from a compound of silver called silver nitrate and was used to cauterise wounds.

What is Argent Nitricum used for?

The homeopathic remedy Argent Nit is best suited for those patients who deal with anxiety issues brought about by fear. The patient will have problems such as:

  • Claustrophobia;
  • Stage fright;
  • Anxiety through situations that perhaps they’re not expecting …
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22 Mar, 2011

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