More questions

How would anyone feel being told that the reason you didn’t know anything about what you have dealt with all your life, is because one parent didn’t want to know? I now know that the questions I asked could have helped me deal with knowing earlier on that I had Cerebral Palsy.

This is new to me at nearly 48 years. I also believe that part of my family knew that I had Cerebral Palsy before I did. The seed was sewn. My path and struggles were mapped out, as I began to live my …

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21 Mar, 2011

On the mend

Last night came and my visit to the hospital proved successful. The stitches have come out finally. I’ve put the success of all that I’ve been through in the last few days down to Homeopathy.

I’ve been using Homeopathy for many years now, but started using some of the remedies three days before my operation. Four injections later and 6 lesions removed and I had no pain at all …

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19 Mar, 2011

My day ahead

I think a little bit of despondency has set in today. My previous blogs are in the forefront of my mind and I’m still working through my health, not quite out of the woods with that, yet. I don’t usually dwell on problems. The operation to remove 6 lesions last Friday was mostly successful. I think a lot of my thoughts are here on the back of this.

When I’m up and about, I’ll probably feel different again; but I need to allow myself this time to reflect, so I don’t ignore how I feel. The pattern of my life has been such that I’ve had to muddle …

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17 Mar, 2011


Control can be very much part of our lives if we let it happen. There is often someone in our lives who outwardly means well but has a controlling side to them that we don’t always equate or tap into; or we may turn a blind eye because it’s easier. It seems less complicated that way.

How do you know when someone is controlling you? When you lose your individuality by someone with a need to control. When someone becomes sensitive at something you say that …

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16 Mar, 2011


Six small lesions and four injections later, my mind has opened up to different thoughts over the last few days.

I believe that having things to deal with, somehow show us a different side of ourselves that we need to see that we don’t always tap into. How quickly health can change? Dealing with health …

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15 Mar, 2011

Acid reflux cont.d

I’d like to do a blog that outlines some of the remedies available to help people like me, who suffer with acid reflux.

The first thing to work on to stop acid reflux is to limit stress, because stress makes acid reflux worse. Other lifestyle measures I would suggest are:

  • Avoid foods that you know make acid reflux worse and if you’re not sure, work out what you think you feel worse with. Known foods that can interfere with reflux problems are wheat and dairy;
  • Try eating smaller but more frequent snack type meals;
  • If you cannot manage smaller snack meals make sure you have more of your meal at lunch time and avoid eating past 6 o’clock;
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14 Mar, 2011