My thoughts

I am fortunate that for the last 11 months writing for The CP Diary has been fairly easy. As soon as I sit down to write, I usually have inspiration of what I am going to write before I turn the computer on. There is always something for me to write about.

Today it’s not happening so easily but given the fact that I am still poorly probably has something to do with it. For the last two weeks my usual routine has been put on hold. Looking after …

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30 Apr, 2011


Something inspirational:

Do you remember a time in your life when you were completely calm? Think about your experiences and how it made you feel.

Take a trip down memory lane so that you remember all the details. What happened to make you feel calm? Who was in your life at that time? Are those people around you today? Try to re-live …

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29 Apr, 2011


Cycling is another form of exercise that is easy and fun to do. Not only is it good for brain cells but it also helps with expanding lung capacity. It’s an exercise all family members can participate in.

Cycling helps us sleep better. Research carried out at Stanford University School of Medicine on insomniacs, concluded that those insomniacs who cycled a minimum of between 20-30 minutes …

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28 Apr, 2011

Cerebral Palsy in the summer

I feel as though I am somewhat controlled by my Cerebral Palsy and how I would choose to live my life is not how I live my life, particularly when it comes to clothes.

I see my daughter grow up before me and look at how together she is on her decisions, particularly based around her hair and her clothes. I have always struggled to find clothes that fit around …

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27 Apr, 2011

Focusing on ourselves

Based on my feature page quote, “He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the world,” it seems so hard focusing our attentions on other people, when we have difficulties focusing our attentions on ourselves sometimes.

We cannot help ourselves, or reach out to others when we’re not up to it and when we’re not up to it, it will only lead to burn-out. We need to have time to regroup to refocus on our lives …

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26 Apr, 2011

Why I chose Homeopathy

I originally started Homeopathy because I liked the science behind the medicine. It also seemed to fit into my lifestyle, so for many years now I have used homeopathy to treat my family.

I didn’t like the fact that conventionally I was using medication that in the long term may have given me more problems, so I decided to go down the Homeopathy route and haven’t …

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24 Apr, 2011

Back with the same thoughts

I still have my moments of clarity when I continue to tell myself that it was okay that I didn’t know I had Cerebral Palsy until the age of 46. I am constantly reminded and that’s why I feel I am struggling a little bit.

I am also dealing with flu around me and am struggling to stay well myself. I am fighting a sore throat now and think my feelings of where I’m at with my Cerebral Palsy is compounded by …

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23 Apr, 2011

Old-fashioned values

I know that as parents we have many roles; but I believe the most important and fundamental of all our roles is the one where we teach our children about values and respect.

These values are important to me:


We should be able to put our trust in others, as others trust us back, although the realities of us being able to trust others …

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22 Apr, 2011