More things for me to deal with

I’m again having my fair share of up and down days. One or two things are going on which I am dealing with that are bringing many thoughts into my mind, of where I’m at.

The other evening whilst getting ready for bed, I noticed when I looked in the mirror that the lesion, which consisted of two or three lesions, hasn’t all been removed, so now I am going back …

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20 Apr, 2011


How many of us go through the process of having children, when our families have already told us how to bring them up and they’re not even born yet?

I remember a friend of mine talking about babies and how her family were already telling her how to bring her baby up and she was only just pregnant at the time. I’m smiling because I’ve heard …

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18 Apr, 2011

Role models on healthy eating

Over the years I have tried to be a good role model for myself as well my children. Ever since my children were little I always insisted they sit down to a healthy nutritious meal.

As children, we learn from an early age what we can get away with and what we can’t. I believe lots of bad habits set in and before we know it we have children that won’t sit at the table and when …

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17 Apr, 2011

More about Keratosis Pilaris

When the weather becomes warm and I begin to struggle with facial Keratosis Pilaris again, no matter what supplements I take nothing takes away the condition. I tend to have to deal with it full time.

It’s a frightening thought given that supplements are there to make us healthier, but there are obviously some conditions that we will never have cures for, never understand, know that they’re …

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16 Apr, 2011

Keratosis Pilaris

Amongst my many ailments, I also suffer with facial Keratosis Pilaris, which I have had for about 16 years now that I believe is hereditary. My father has a different form of Keratosis.

I first noticed I had a problem many years ago, whenever I travelled abroad. As soon as the plane touched down my skin would turn, particularly around my mouth and chin area. After countless …

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14 Apr, 2011

Finding the work balance

We’re all in a credit crunch so are bound to face hardships, so it’s even more important now to have strategies in place so that we’re less stressed.

When I was younger and in full time work, looking back I am convinced I got my priorities wrong.  It’s important to keep down a job, budget and pay the bills, but a lot of my time was spent making other …

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13 Apr, 2011


It is not always obvious that some people in our lives may be intimidating. I have had to deal with intimidation over the years.

When someone is intimidating we allow that person to interfere with our emotional thoughts. When we are intimidated we feel self-conscious and inadequate and that knocks our confidence …

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12 Apr, 2011