A passion for life

Passion allows us to feel courage and follow our convictions and gives us a strong sense of self, so we can take those first steps out into the world.

Passion comes from feeling confident, from knowing everything we need to know about ourselves, understanding our experiences and our lives. For some of us, our passions are there, we innately know …

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31 May, 2011

The health benefits of Popcorn

It is hard to believe that Popcorn, the cinema snack is now making a comeback as a super-food that is actually good for us.

According to research popcorn may not only prevent cancer but it can also help those trying to diet. It is a wholegrain food, which has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, two potentially life …

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30 May, 2011

Children’s confidence

Confidence is the backbone of our ability to function in our lives. There are so many things we will get wrong, when we lack the confidence. If parents engage their children when they’re small, they will engage with confidence, as adults.

Children may not understand how to articulate their thoughts with their parents in the early years, but they learn from us as parents, so it’s important we teach them basic values such as using please and …

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29 May, 2011

About Insomnia

Insomnia is possibly something many of us deal with, including myself. So how do we know if we have insomnia and what are the problems associated with having it? We know we have it when we have difficulties getting to sleep, staying asleep or having enough quality sleep; despite having ample opportunity to sleep.

Insomnia may lead to problems with our well-being, which can have a knock on effect on our performance the next day. Sleep patterns for insomnia are different for many of us. In my particular case …

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27 May, 2011

Compatibility & relationships

Compatibility doesn’t have to be with a partner or spouse, it can be with someone we hang out with, a girlfriend, boyfriend, anyone we share a friendship or relationship with. Is it something we stop to think about or analyse? On a conscious level, I don’t think we do, but if we did think about it, I’m not sure it would be in any great detail.

The problem is that personal goals are not always evident early on in our lives and it is those goals that unconsciously interfere with how we feel about ourselves and that impinges on our relationship with …

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26 May, 2011

Recognising our own qualities

Do you think about what you like about ourselves or what is good about you? Do you pay yourself compliments on your achievements or complement others on what they achieve, but wishing you had done more? We may do that with our children, with other people’s children, but probably reluctant to do it for ourselves.

Did your parents complement you? Did they acknowledge your achievements or the achievements of your siblings? Do you find it difficult now to give out compliments because you were never paid a compliment …

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25 May, 2011

Changing our behaviour

I have always been fascinated by how with a little understanding we can change things. I want to elaborate more on how when we work towards changing the subconscious, we will change the conscious and we will change.

The subconscious is the key to us maintaining a positive attitude. The conscious mind decides what we want to do, but it is our subconscious that tells us what we will do. When we consciously do something …

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24 May, 2011

The health benefits of Mango

Mango contains phenolic compounds and natural antioxidant properties. These properties help combat breast, prostate and colon cancer and helps with the signs of ageing.

What do we know about Mango and why is it so good for us?

  • Mango is cultivated throughout tropical climates and originates from India;
  • Mango extract and fruit are known to help with weight loss, which is why it’s so popular with women;
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23 May, 2011

About my week

It’s been one of those weeks. The near to positive part of the week is that I’ve managed to cut down on my reflux episodes and although not completely cured, I am certainly doing better than I was. The reflux diet seems to be working. I need to make sure I’m not presented with stress, because for me reflux is usually made worse by stress.

I am also slightly concerned over my reflux problems. I really need to make sure that my diet will not make my health problems worse in the longer term. I am beginning to feel better, so it’s clearly …

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22 May, 2011

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