The importance of forgiveness

It’s only when we lose someone special we grieve for that person, and then come to realise that perhaps we’ve been wronged.

If those are our circumstances, perhaps we should allow ourselves to feel the anger, we should also allow ourselves to also feel the hurt. When we lose someone, after a short time we’re expected to move on …

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20 May, 2011

Why we mustn’t blame

I find it sad that the things that happen to us in childhood are a consequence of someone else’s actions, which can leave us less than able to cope with our lives.

All is not lost. We can change those early patterns simply by recognising our mind-set traits and working towards changing the way we think and avoid situations that promote emotional reactions …

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19 May, 2011

When we hold back

How many of us start out with good intentions of changing or working through something, then give up at the first hurdle?

Sadly, any decision that we make that gets in the way of accomplishing or achieving what we set out to do is called self-sabotage. It’s normally because we lack discipline or motivation, the two …

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18 May, 2011

The moral to the Story

I’ve just watched a film called ‘Marley and Me’ whose moral was about life and what life means. It wasn’t until the end of the film that the moral of the story became clear.

The film was centred round a dog that came into a young couple’s life and turned their life upside down. Their dog was affectionate, wanted attention and became the complete focus of their relationship …

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16 May, 2011

Naturally intuitive

Intuition is something we all have, but something we’re not always aware we have. Intuition can be used to help us successfully navigate life.

Have you ever had that feeling when you know that something is right for you even though you’re not sure why, or you instinctively know you need to go down a certain path? Intuition lets us know what …

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15 May, 2011

Geopathic Stress

When you care about your health, you should want to know about geopathic stress. Knowing about it will help you make an informed choice about what it is, or whether you need to act on it.

It’s the name given to natural and man-made energies coming from the earth, which can be bad for our health. Water pipes, sewage pipes and underground water, cell phone transmitter masts …

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14 May, 2011

Learning from our mistakes

I have always believed that learning from our mistakes is pivotal to our success that without our mistakes we cannot grow spiritually or understand what it is to succeed.

I also believe that when anyone gives us feedback, we can learn from that feedback. Feedback shouldn’t be seen as failure. It should be used as an opportunity to find ways through, so that we …

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13 May, 2011