Insular behaviour

As a small child, I had all the hallmarking of insular behaviour. I had an insular personality. I mostly shied away from people and the world in general. I hated being noticed. My upbringing and environment had a lot to do with it.

It could be that we are generally that way, just very quiet people, but not being supported or encouraged, are other reasons why we may follow insular patterns. I also believe that some of the way we …

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18 Jun, 2011

Turning the other cheek

Do we turn the other cheek or run away when it comes to problems that need sorting out, or as your feelings change, do you begin to throw doubt on your abilities? We know what we need to deal with, we can see it, but uncertainty stops us from working through it.

But running away or turning the other cheek doesn’t solve anything. And although problems may make us panic where we wouldn’t otherwise panic, where problems may make us confused …

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16 Jun, 2011

Bladder problems

It is not uncommon for those of us with Cerebral Palsy to have bladder problems, but it’s also not uncommon for others to have bladder problems either, particularly as they age.

It is the kidney’s job to filter waste and water from the blood. The kidneys then excrete urine through the urethra to the bladder, then the bladder stores the urine until we urinate. It’s important to …

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15 Jun, 2011

What our clothes say about us?

How many of us choose our wardrobe around our moods? Do you wear certain clothes for a certain day or do you wear clothes to hide how you feel? Does what you wear leave a lasting impression?

We should dress to feel good. Clothes express our personalities, so we should enjoy showing off how we feel. Whether we dress for comfort, for style or for convenience, we need to be comfortable …

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11 Jun, 2011