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Making progress

31 Jul

As I start today’s blog, my thoughts don’t seem to be heading in any direction. Maybe when I start to type something, my thoughts will.

When something troubles me, it’s usually there in my mind. I always try and see the positive even when I’m dealing with such negative issues. It helps me to look beyond what I see. I think that part …

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Yet more problems

30 Jul

When I was a little girl I used to struggle with bad thoughts brought about by insecurities, largely brought about by the influence of others.

Now those thoughts have come back, through yet more health problems and my struggle to stay well. For a few days now I have had a problem with my eye so I made an appointment to see my doctor …

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The importance of giving

29 Jul

Something inspirational:

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”


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Baked Chicken Curry

28 Jul

Baked Chicken Curry

We tried this recipe the other day. It was so nice I wanted to share it with you, taken from ‘River Cottage Every Day’ by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.  I am sure you could replace the chicken with beef or lamb and it would still be delicious.


2 heaped tsp coriander seeds

2 heaped tsp cumin seeds …

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Feeling a little blue

27 Jul

I’m feeling a little blue today. I’m sure I’m being tested on my health, because I now have a problem with my eye. Not sure what’s wrong with it, but I think it could be a sty.

I seem to be going from one problem to another and it’s beginning to get to me. I have also just found out that my appointment to have my cyst removed is scheduled for the 12th August …

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Why we should speak out

26 Jul

A passing thought:

It’s always tempting to complain about someone or something without doing something about it. If someone hurts you, or says something unkind, it’s important to speak out.

As hard as it is to do, it’s even harder to keep our thoughts to ourselves. All that does is hurt us emotionally until such a time we don’t cope and then have to deal with the problem anyway. It may …

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Constructive criticisms

25 Jul

I remember attending prize giving for my daughter many years ago, when the headmistress was talking to the girls about constructive criticism.

She was trying to impress upon the girls that the harder they worked in school, the more they would achieve. She was …

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The importance of change

24 Jul

Change is something we all shy away from because it seems daunting, even scary, but change is necessary. It gives us a different perspective. From the minute we’re born we physically change. We know it’s the cycle of life, so we’re happy to accept it; but we seem to find psychological change difficult.

Change is having the ability to be able to move from one situation to another. For some people change is usually brought about by a desire to want to change, but it’s something that needs to be …

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“I’m wrong, you’re right!”

23 Jul

A passing thought:

Being dogmatic or thinking you’re right all the time, can make you both moody and ill tempered and difficult for others to relate to. Why not take a step back and listen to someone else’s opinion …

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Finding our own way

22 Jul

How many of us have spent our lives living a life other people expect us live? This means living with dreams and goals that are not our own, but based on what other people expect or want for us.

Making comparisons

I believe it’s become human nature for us to compare ourselves to others, but it can make us feel worse and doesn’t help, particularly if we’re already struggling. We all know other people that we …

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