The problems with denial

It’s both sad and understandable why most of us choose to live in denial over things not yet resolved that we need to deal with. But I also know that if we chose to address those things, we would begin to change so many aspects of our personalities, our relationships and of our lives.

Denial is refusing to accept or believe and recognise that something that has happened may be true. We tend to put distance between our experiences and us so that we get to lead normal …

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21 Jul, 2011

Our ups and downs

A passing thought:

It’s the nature of life that plans don’t always work out how we think they’re going to work out.  It’s also life that we spend time moaning and complaining about those plans, but that can only serve to make us moan and complain even more. So why not change things. Let’s stop …

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20 Jul, 2011

The importance of patience

How many of us lose our patience because we haven’t got time to listen because of our hurried lives? I feel we have less time now than when I was growing up.

We’re also focusing on the wrong things, making things instead of people a priority. The world is moving quickly and in order to keep pace we need to move with it. It doesn’t help when others …

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18 Jul, 2011

A break from work

A passing thought:

How many of us take time off work if we have no plans to go away? It’s just as important to take a few days off to bring calm back in our lives. We should slow down, recharge our batteries so that we take away the stress.

Turn off the computer as if you were away and switch off the phone. Go to a museum, go out for something to eat, go for a walk. Spend time either by yourself, with your family if you …

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17 Jul, 2011

The teaching of Karma

As a child, I was always aware of the existence of something bigger. Although I couldn’t quite put my finger on it or know it to be Buddhism, I was already living by some of its teachings and beliefs. Now I use it in everyday life. It helps me understand and come to terms with most or all of my experiences.

We are responsible for our past and present actions. We create and are responsible for our own misery and happiness …

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15 Jul, 2011

Making choices

A passing thought:

It’s hard being focused on what we want to do in our lives or our career, when there are so many options to choose from.

Unless we have always known what we want to do, it can be very confusing. Instead of focusing on what we can do, why not focus on what we know we don’t want to do. Being happy and more …

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14 Jul, 2011

Another problem to deal with

I feel as though I am emotionally being tested right now on my resilience and patience. Having gone through minor surgery twice in about a month, I am now having to consider the possibility again.

Many years ago I had a blocked hair follicle removed by a doctor who was qualified in minor surgery, but as the surgery began to heal I was left with a skin tag that every now and again becomes …

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13 Jul, 2011