Why we should remain upbeat

Even from a small age, I always tried to remain upbeat no matter what I was dealing with, but remaining upbeat hasn’t always been easy for me.

Part of the problem is that we come to accept where we are and see where we are as a fait accompli and that’s usually how things stay, but the more we work on positive thinking, the more we will become …

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30 Aug, 2011

The true meaning of friendships

It’s easy to feel that we know someone well, but the little bits that make up some of the bigger bits we know about them, isn’t the same as knowing or having a soul connection. We can know someone for twenty years and still not know anything about that person, or we can know someone for a year and know everything we need to know.

In society it’s easy to scratch at the surface as far as relationships or friendships are concerned, which is why it is even more important for us to be aware of the level of connection and the bond …

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29 Aug, 2011

Having the last word

How many of us know someone who, no matter what, needs to have the last word? Having the last word is a habit: it’s an environmental and cultural problem that comes from stubbornness or background. When it comes to family, we probably already know who must have the last word.

However, when we give the other person the last word, we stop the conversation in its tracks. It also takes the heat out of what could turn into a battleground. For those who need to have the last word, it’s …

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27 Aug, 2011

Thoughts about moving abroad

Having watched a neighbour’s family prepare for a new life in Canada and watching the TV documentary ‘Stephen Fry in America’ brought about memories of my near move to the States.

From what I recall from the documentary Stephen Fry’s father turned down a job at Princeton University, in favour of Hampstead in England and although Stephen Fry has no connections in …

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24 Aug, 2011

Character traits

It is true that we all inherit character traits from our parents and spending time with our peers means we absorb theirs too, but what if the character traits we have are there because of a condition we deal with? I was considered lazy at home and in school. It didn’t matter how hard I tried, or what I did, I didn’t manage to make the grades. No one talked about the fact that I was failing.

It was inevitable that I would struggle mentally, emotionally, physically and academically because of cerebral palsy and what I now know to be autism, but no one took the time to understand or ask questions …

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23 Aug, 2011

Talking the same language

A passing thought:

Conversations will be more meaningful and less tense if we ‘talk the same language.’ That sounds so obvious and easy to do, but how many of us actually do it?

It’s tempting when we’re keen to get our point across, to charge ahead; then get annoyed with the other person when we’ve misunderstood the conversation, or we think we’ve understood the …

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22 Aug, 2011

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