As a child and having Cerebral Palsy I wasn’t keen on swimming, because people would constantly stare at me, but swimming is something that everyone can do. It’s not age related and it benefits everyone.

About swimming

Swimming is known for it’s all round aerobic exercise because it works all the major muscle groups and targets all areas of the body. It is also easy to tailor the different strokes to exercise specific …

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21 Aug, 2011

Be your own best friend

A passing thought:

Being great to our friends isn’t enough; we need to be great to ourselves too. The same way you wouldn’t offend a friend when they’re down, means that you shouldn’t do the same to yourself.

Don’t put yourself down, you need to be supportive and encouraging to yourself. Hone in on your self-esteem and watch yourself become more positive. Now be calm, enjoy your day and the whole …

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19 Aug, 2011

Dealing with family feuds

It is only when we have no support that we begin to realise how much of a struggle having no support is. With no support it’s easy to feel aggrieved over the issues we have to deal with and that can cause arguments or rifts in families.

As parents, it’s our job to support our children regardless of our issues or what we have to deal with. Unfortunately, when families don’t get the support thing right that’s when feuds …

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18 Aug, 2011

Dealing with Expression

Being able to express ourselves is an art form. As a child expression and being able to express myself wasn’t something that came easy to me. I wanted to, but either the words came out wrong or they didn’t come out at all.

Being able to express ourselves becomes easier with practice. The more we practice, the more confidence we will have, the better at expression we will be. It is something we can learn as an adult …

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17 Aug, 2011

Silence is golden

A passing thought:

Try to find time in your day to enjoy some silence.  Silence is important and can help calm you both emotionally and physically.

Find a place to sit in silence, this can be anywhere you find peaceful. In your house; garden or a local park. Use your senses to absorb everything that is around you, especially the little …

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15 Aug, 2011

Do we care?

I’m not sure why this came into my mind, but it was there when I woke up this morning. I am sure we’ve come across family and friends who we know care, but their actions and support don’t show us they care; which can leave us hurt, frustrated and angry.

I personally don’t believe anyone wittingly goes out of their way to chastise or ignore what someone else goes through, but part of the problem I believe stems from that person, from their past …

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14 Aug, 2011

Surgery day

I am so pleased that today is nearly over and that surgery is now behind me. The surgery itself was better than I thought it was going to be.

I decided to work through all the particulars of the surgery, with the Specialist so that I could stay in control during the op. The Specialist agreed to try to make everything as painless as he could …

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13 Aug, 2011