Trying to move forward

We’re still working through the enormity of everything we’ve been dealing with, as far as surgery is concerned. Although we still have to wait for the swelling to go down on Daniel’s nose, he wants to go for a second opinion to make sure his nose is as it should be.

If after a second opinion the new Consultant thinks the surgery wasn’t a success and that he should have more surgery, then Daniel would like to opt for that. Having initially decided that he wanted …

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19 Sep, 2011

Challenging change

A passing thought:

Have you ever got to the stage where you want to change, to experience new experiences, but feel that you can’t?

Do you find yourself making a long list of excuses, which never seems to end? Instead of being afraid to face new changes, maybe work on the apprehension you feel, take the plunge and embrace …

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17 Sep, 2011

Accepting change

In life things are inevitable, so are the problems we face. But each day is a step nearer to a resolve, whatever that resolve turns out to be.

I also believe our emotional problems outweigh our physical ones and that if we dealt with our emotions, we’d find a resolve on those and that may help with some of our physical problems, primarily …

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16 Sep, 2011

Working things out

This morning I woke up and couldn’t focus on anything, but things have slowly got better. It’s always so hard to focus on anything other than what we’re dealing with, but I’m hopeful we’ll find clarity eventually.

My mind seems so confused as to how we got to this place, but I’m not giving up on trying to find a way back to a life of normality. It’s hard but I’m working things out. I’m in shock. All the symptoms …

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15 Sep, 2011

Where we’re at now

A lot has happened in the last week and a half and I’m now working on getting clarity back in my life. In life we don’t always know if decisions we make that seem right at the time, will work out the way we hope and as a  result we’re left with a new situation to deal with.

We’re still working through trauma from last year, which doesn’t seem to be abating. There is no argument that what Daniel was left with last year, after the assault took place, needed correcting …

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13 Sep, 2011