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Gift of Sight

31 Oct

Something inspirational:

“Use the gift of sight. Don’t miss a thing and share the joy with others.”


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Scary Halloween Cookies

30 Oct



250g unsalted butter, softened

250g golden caster sugar …

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Tackling obsessions

29 Oct

As we continue to live with some of those obsessions, I thought I’d outline some of the ways we can limit our stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, for us so that we can work through our fears, we have to face up to them. The more we push ourselves, the more we will get used to having to face them.

As long as we continue to expose ourselves to those situations, we should be able to challenge our fears and doubts. We have to subject ourselves to them, because not to will keep us with those obsessions …

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Being happy

28 Oct

A passing thought:

It’s not always easy to be happy depending on what we have to deal with, but as hard as it is sometimes; trying to be happy can in some cases help us cope better with what we have to deal with.

The saying goes that if we’re happy, we’re more likely to be positive and if we’re more positive, we’re more likely to cope better. Like any emotion or tendency, it is possible to learn how to be happy …

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Living with obsessions

27 Oct

I believe childhood and stressful situations can be responsible for our compulsions and obsessions.

So what are compulsions? Compulsions are actions or behaviours that drive us to perform certain tasks brought about by obsessive thoughts. Some of those compulsions and obsessions won’t …

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Greater self-awareness

26 Oct

I believe it doesn’t matter who we are, or who we go on to meet, everyone has something special to give. On our parts, we just have to be open enough to receive it.

Every encounter we experience, gives us the opportunity to look at our greater self-awareness, by showing us what we can accept about ourselves. Our behaviour will always highlight …

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25 Oct

A passing thought:

Always try and be diplomatic. Speak with compassion and diligence. Be thoughtful and wise. Be careful not to tread on other people’s feelings or toes.

Play back in your mind what you feel you want to say. Will what you want to say, hurt the other person? Being diplomatic …

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Halloween recipe special

24 Oct

Sausage, pumpkin and sage casserole

Great for Halloween!


50g butter

6 good-quality sausages, pricked several times with a fork …

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Poor me syndrome

23 Oct

Regardless of my physical and emotional issues, I never allowed myself to be drawn into the poor me syndrome. I’m not sure why, I just never did.

I seemed to withdraw to another place where I was always calm and when I was out of that place I was  always angry. I still didn’t equate my anger to feeling sorry for myself, although I can …

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22 Oct

Something inspirational:

“There is no greatness where there is no simplicity.”


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