Tackling obsessions

If allowed to continue over a period of time, negative thoughts and feelings can turn into obsessions. Obsessions can be brought about through painful childhood experiences and trauma that aren’t dealt with.

Through my own experiences, it’s important we look at, think about and understand our experiences and how those have made us feel. We have got to be able to cope, and move on with our lives, therefore it …

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29 Oct, 2011

Being happy

Something inspirational:

It’s not always easy to be happy depending on what we deal with, but as hard as it is sometimes, trying to be happy can in some cases help us cope better.

The saying goes that if we’re happy we’re more likely to be positive and if we’re positive, we’re more likely to cope …

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28 Oct, 2011

Living with obsessions

Compulsions are actions or behaviours that drive us to perform certain tasks brought about by obsessive thoughts. Some of those compulsions and obsessions won’t always affect us in our daily life, but there will be those of us who will struggle, if we go on to develop the more serious of obsessions such as “OCD” (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder).

Childhood and stressful situations can be responsible for our compulsions and obsessions. As we go about our daily lives, we will carry traits that we may become obsessed about. For example if we see …

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27 Oct, 2011

Greater self-awareness

It doesn’t matter who we are, or who we go on to meet, everyone has something special to give. On our part, we must be open enough to receive it.

Every encounter we experience gives us the opportunity to become more self-aware, by showing us what we can accept about ourselves. Our behaviour will always give information to the other person …

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26 Oct, 2011


Something inspirational:

Always try and be diplomatic. Speak with compassion and diligence. Be thoughtful and wise. Be careful not to tread on other people’s feelings or toes.

Play back in your mind what you feel you want to say. Will what you want to say, hurt the other person? Being diplomatic …

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25 Oct, 2011

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