Lots going on

I have usually put a feature page on the site by now and that was my intention, but so much is happening in my personal life; I’ve continued to blog. I promise tomorrow’s blog will be a feature.

Every way which way I turn I have problems glaring back at me. I don’t see any way out from having to deal with them. They say things come in 3’s. I now have three things that are all pretty big …

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21 Oct, 2011

A level of acceptance

I believe we must find a level of acceptance in our experiences, regardless of what we deal with, because without an acceptance of any kind, we will mentally stay stuck.

When we learn to accept what we have had to deal with, we break the cycle. There will be things that we can change and being able to change those things will help us move into a better head space …

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20 Oct, 2011

Treading water

It’s going to be a short blog today. I feel as though I’m treading water and have felt like this for some time now. I seem to be heading nowhere.

I have written about my problems here on the site, but those problems don’t seem to be abating. When I think I am in a place where I can breath again, I’m back to where I literally have to tell myself …

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19 Oct, 2011

Rose Coloured Spectacles

Why do we see the good in people even if they’re not deserving of the accolade? Why is that when someone isn’t in our life anymore, we won’t have a bad word said against them? It’s as if they were the perfect mother, the perfect father.

It doesn’t matter what they did, we see them as faultless and blameless. Perhaps it’s because the mind plays tricks. We either just remember the good times, or we feel compelled to say nice things, because we’re …

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18 Oct, 2011

The problem with ‘what if’

Something inspirational:

Most worrying begins with the words ‘what if.’ Is this something you used to say as a child? If you didn’t use these words, did you hear your parents use them? Do you use them now?

It’s easy for us conjure up thoughts in our minds accompanied by images of misfortune, pessimism or thoughts of doom and gloom; where we anticipate a situation where we’re laughed at …

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16 Oct, 2011

Changing emotional connections

We must shorten the divide between being told that we’re loved and feeling that we’re loved. That starts in childhood.

Unless we manage to clear the thoughts that prevent the flow of positive energy from moving freely through us, negative thoughts brought about by childhood experiences will be mirrored and recreated from …

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15 Oct, 2011

Emotional connections

Being told that you’re loved as a child isn’t the same as feeling that you’re loved. There needs to be a spiritual connectedness between what we’re told and what we feel. When we’re constantly being told we’re pretty, beautiful, or special, we must inwardly feel those things.

Being born with cerebral palsy meant that people behaved differently towards me. It took me many years to make my own connections between being loved and feeling loved, and how I felt about …

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14 Oct, 2011