Defensive behaviour

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to go on the defensive and make their issues about you? Defensive behaviour is usually a pattern repeated, by people who have a problem with themselves.

For those who use defensive behaviour as a coping mechanism to make them feel better about themselves, it can put them in a very awkward place and in some cases isolate them and make them look and …

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11 Oct, 2011

Feeling different

I have already written a blog about fitting in with what we deal with in our lives, but I believe there is another side to it too.

I remember around the time I was a teenager, thinking that somehow I didn’t fit into my life. We were on holiday with my family and I just remember being closed off as if I didn’t fit in. My siblings were larking …

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9 Oct, 2011


It takes hearing about someone who has passed away in the news to make us realise how vulnerable we are to illness. There is no doubt in my mind that illness doesn’t rely on just one thing, illness comes in through many sources.

I agree that if our lifestyle choices are good, we are more likely to stay well, but unfortunately health doesn’t just rely on us getting our lifestyle right. I also think there is a fine line between us staying …

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7 Oct, 2011

White lies

How many of us have or still tell white lies to either cover up mistakes, or not to elicit the truth? Research shows that people tend to lie.

One study found that some people tell lies about two or three times in around 10 minutes. It seems to have become common place in today’s society. It has also become socially acceptable …

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5 Oct, 2011

Emotional ruts

Have you ever experienced something in your life that has such an impact on how you feel that you spiral into an emotional rut? To be in an emotional rut isn’t great because the longer you’re in one, the harder it is to get out.

But our earlier experiences, influences of family, childhood experiences and stress in our daily lives can put us into an emotional …

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2 Oct, 2011