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30 Nov

I believe it’s difficult to deal with emotional stuff and not feel tired or drained in some way. Life sometimes runs smoothly with everything working out as we plan and then we meet a dip in the road and we have to re-think again.

I have to continue to deal with my life and all that it throws at me (documented on site) and that can be hard sometimes. But to have peace of mind we must have clarity. On some issues I have …

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People taking advantage

29 Nov

Being taken for granted starts when we’re unable to say No to friends or family when they ask us to do things. That what starts out as a favour to them, becomes a little more when we feel we can’t say No?

As a little girl, because I wanted to be accepted, this used to apply to me all the time. We all do it for different reasons, but I think that if we don’t want to do something, we should be able to say …

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28 Nov

Something inspirational:

“The greatest revenge is to accomplish what others say you cannot do.”


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Look at the past

27 Nov

I often take time to reflect on my past. I believe it’s there to help me learn, so that I can go on to make new life choices. There will always be times where it’s hard but necessary.

Reflection is a good tool to use. Nothing to be anxious about. Reflection allows us to grow spiritually, whilst we learn how to begin to perceive new thoughts in more positive ways, particularly if …

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Working at relationships

26 Nov

In our less than perfect world, being taken for granted seems to have become part of the norm. In most relationships once the honeymoon period is over, complacency sets in.

I don’t believe we’re always consciously aware of our behaviour and that’s perhaps why we don’t behave appropriately with the ones we love. We can’t always be in control of our subconscious …

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Moving on

25 Nov

Something inspirational:

“Only when we close the doors behind us, we will see the doors in front start opening.”


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Time for us to accept help

24 Nov

It doesn’t matter that we all deal with different things, the problem is we always have something that we have to deal with.

Some of us will find those things easy, some of us will find those things difficult. Some of us will want help and will be open to suggestions, whilst others will not be open to any suggestions at all …

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Sweet potato pie

23 Nov



One packet of Sweet Dough, for the pie-crust

2 large sweet potatoes …

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22 Nov

Something inspirational:

Ginseng has been around for thousands of years to improve our overall health. It is used to help improve stress levels; boost energy and performance; enhance memory and stimulate the immune system.

Ginseng also helps with emotional and physical fatigue and reduces the effects of ageing. It is also used to lower cholesterol …

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My constant frustrations

21 Nov

Today I woke up with such frustration, not sure I had that much in me. But the realities of what I’ve had to deal with in the last few months have seemed to consciously hit home this morning.

I take the view that problems don’t last forever, so that helps me cope with what I have to deal with; but my frustrations are based on having to deal with all of my problems including the lack of support …

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