Clarity is an understanding we achieve about something we previously failed to understand. It is what we create for ourselves. But to have complete clarity, we must avoid other potential thoughts that can veer us off course. It also doesn’t matter if we don’t have clarity straight away, as long as we actively work towards it.

Achieving clarity is difficult when you’re dealing with emotional issues, you’re feeling tired, or drained in some way. Life can run smoothly with everything working out as planned, you meet a dip in the …

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30 Nov, 2011

People taking advantage

Being taken for granted starts when we’re unable to say No to friends or family when they ask us to do things. That what starts out as a favour to them, becomes a little more when we feel we can’t say No?

As a little girl, because I wanted to be accepted, this used to apply to me all the time. We all do it for different reasons, but I think that if we don’t want to do something, we should be able to say …

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29 Nov, 2011

Look at the past

I often take time to reflect on my past, as I believe it helps me pave the way forward. There will always be times when it’s hard, but necessary.

I go back to not knowing about having a disability and remembering my struggles. Having to work through everything blindly was difficult and having to fight my corner, impossible. With no understanding …

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27 Nov, 2011

Working at relationships

In our less than perfect world, being taken for granted seems to have become par for the course. For some of us once the relationship beds in, complacency also sets in. We must all work at relationships.

When we’re not coping, our loved ones usually get the brunt of our feelings. Sadly, because we’re not always consciously aware …

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26 Nov, 2011

Time for us to accept help

It doesn’t matter that we all deal with different things, the problem is we will always have something to deal with. Some of us will find those things easy, some of us will find those things difficult.

Some of us will want help and will be open to suggestions, whilst others will not be open to any suggestions at all. They would rather go it alone. For anyone with issues it can be hard to accept help, because to …

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24 Nov, 2011


Something inspirational:

Ginseng has been around for thousands of years to improve our overall health. It is used to help improve stress levels; boost energy and performance; enhance memory and stimulate the immune system.

Ginseng also helps with emotional and physical fatigue and reduces the effects of ageing. It is also used to lower cholesterol …

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22 Nov, 2011

My constant frustrations

Today I woke up with such frustration, not sure I had that much in me. But the realities of what I’ve had to deal with in the last few months have seemed to consciously hit home this morning.

I take the view that problems don’t last forever, so that helps me cope with what I have to deal with; but my frustrations are based on having to deal with all of my problems including the lack of support …

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21 Nov, 2011

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