What makes us happy?

Because emotions aren’t an exact science, do we really know how to be happy? Is being happy something we fleetingly come in and out of?

It’s not always easy to know what makes us happy. Some of us may automatically know, it may take others time to find out. Being happy is innate, it comes from within. If it’s not obvious, we must dig …

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29 Feb, 2012

Standing up for oneself

As a child, I was a people pleaser. I used to go out of my way to please everyone. Although I believe it was the reason behind my search for acceptance, in hindsight I can see it didn’t do me any favours.

What started as a kind gesture on my part became a habit to everyone else, because they knew I would never say no. What’s more, it seemed contagious because it didn’t stop with one person. I simply wasn’t …

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28 Feb, 2012

Happy, relaxed and calm

People with happy dispositions will have periods of low moods, disappointments and problems, in the same way people who have unhappy dispositions will. The only difference is that happy people will adapt more easily, and their disappointments and low moods will be dealt with more swiftly.

Happy people have a more relaxed and calm demeanour about them, regardless of what they deal with. They are more content in themselves and know to take the rough with the smooth. They’re ready …

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26 Feb, 2012

Dealing with illness

Things are never easy for the one who is terminally ill, or the family dealing with their loved one being terminally ill as my situation has shown. I’m tired and although I am mentally okay with what’s happening, keeping up with it all can be even more tiring.

It’s important to spend as much time with someone who is terminally ill, but I have chosen to focus on both because that’s important too. It would be easy for me to spend every waking moment in …

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21 Feb, 2012

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