Losing a loved one

As children, we live in fear of the reality that one day our parents will no longer be around anymore. I was always aware that the bubble one day would burst. But then children don’t have the knowledge that adults have. Losing a parent seems scary when you’re a child.

My mother passed away what will be 5 years on the 25th May this year. I have always believed that she will go to spirit but will still be around me as I live my life and make my decisions. I believe that …

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17 Feb, 2012

Addressing emotional issues

In my late twenties I remember being put on antidepressants by my doctor because I had post-natal depression. In hindsight it wasn’t the best idea, because tablets can potentially become habit forming.

As we become more reliant, the habit becomes even harder to break. I was lucky enough that at the time my depression wasn’t bad enough to stay on my anti-depressants long term. We tend to rely …

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15 Feb, 2012

My tomorrow

We all have to lose a parent, that’s a given but looking back at what I’ve had to deal with in the last 5 years, I cannot believe that my father is now terminally ill.

I had a problem watching my mother struggle with her health before she died, so will probably have a problem watching my father struggle too before he goes. Ever since I was a child I have struggled to …

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12 Feb, 2012

Working on the soul

We’re born with a loving, caring and happy soul, but as we experience life, those experiences have a marked effect on our soul. Those experiences will begin to reflect and make up our personalities.

It is through those experiences that bad patterns are formed. The trouble is that we’re often too busy trying to work on our own survival that we don’t look beyond our opinions and attitudes to what …

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10 Feb, 2012