Today I’m feeling slightly despondent and as a result I’m beginning to doubt myself, but I know that I have no reason to, so that’s positive.

I usually act on my intuition and use that as my guide to make any decisions I have to make. Any emails I have to send, phone calls I have to make,  they’re done through my intuition and so far …

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21 Mar, 2012

Giving your best

It’s very frustrating when you know you always give of your best, but others don’t see it as your best. Perhaps it’s simply got something to do with others not meeting their own exacting standards.

Or perhaps it’s because they tend to set their own standards, which they expect others to meet, or perhaps when it comes to family, they will never accept family’s expectations or other people’s …

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20 Mar, 2012

My yesterday

I literally can’t be bothered to do or think about anything. I’m not unhappy because I feel fairly relaxed, but I know it comes off on the back of having dealt with so much this week.

I’m smiling, because I’m thinking about myself and not putting much thought into anything else. I know I will have to refocus at some point so that I can continue to function; but I like having …

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18 Mar, 2012

Be a survivor

Something inspirational:

“Forgiveness has nothing to do with absolving a criminal of his crime. It has everything to do with relieving oneself of the burden of being a victim, letting go of the pain and transforming oneself from victim to survivor.”


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17 Mar, 2012

Living in denial

Unfortunately, for some of us, living in denial becomes a permanent fixture. For a short while, not thinking about anything can bring us peace, but there will always come a time where we need to accept and deal with things, that’s life. But what happens when someone permanently lives in denial?

People living in denial will always have tendencies to isolate and cut themselves off emotionally from family and friends, from issues that continue to need their attention. Anything or everything that …

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16 Mar, 2012

Regaining our perspective

Living with a disability I didn’t know I had, together with my inhibited upbringing and knowing I struggled mentally, emotionally and physically, always made me feel like I was treading water, going nowhere fast.

It was easy for me to lose my perspective on what I was continually having to deal with. I was agitated and angry most of the time. Dealing with any kind of trauma can make us feel like that. It may be something …

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15 Mar, 2012

Perfecting your goals

Goals are meant to inspire us, but instead they throw us off balance. A positive lifestyle helps us lead a more positive life, with a more positive outcome on what we want to achieve on some of those goals.

To achieve our goals, we must also incorporate a positive mind-set. For example, if we decide to start going to the gym, we need to change the way we see and eat food. There would be no point …

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14 Mar, 2012