Childhood worries

Just like adults, children have their share of daily demands, worries and concerns. When I look back on my own childhood, I can see that I had more than my fair share.

I would withdraw for short periods, then when it was time to face the world, I would deal with those realities. Worries for children tend to start around the time they start school, due to the endless demands …

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29 Jun, 2012

Establishing boundaries

Boundaries are taught by parents to their children from a very early age and are usually in place to protect them and other children they come into contact with.

Generally, there are children who are lovely natured and probably won’t be affected by having no boundaries, but the more wilful and determined child will usually stop at nothing without any boundaries …

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26 Jun, 2012

Dealing with setbacks

Setbacks are inevitable. But once I get beyond the setbacks I spend less time being concerned about them. To deal with setbacks it’s important we have composure, because without composure it’s easy for panic to set in.

When we have composure, dealing with setbacks will always seem easier. There are no right or wrong ways to deal with them, it’s what works for us; but we must try not to be critical of ourselves …

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25 Jun, 2012

As in life

Something inspirational:

“People say “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” True, but it goes beyond that. Don’t judge a book by its first words, first paragraphs, even its first pages. In fact, don’t judge a book until you have fully read and comprehended it.”


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24 Jun, 2012

Herbal tinctures for anxiety

Anxiety is inevitable and unavoidable. If you begin to feel anxious, worried or nervous about a particular problem, it could be that you are dealing with anxiety.

Unfortunately, using pharmaceutical drugs can leave the patient with common side effects, including digestive problems, depression, greater anxiety and in some cases constipation or diarrhoea …

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23 Jun, 2012

Nobody but myself

Something inspirational:

“All my life I had been looking for something and everywhere I turned someone tried to tell me what it was.  I accepted their answers too, though they were often in contradiction and even self-contradictory. I was naïve. I was looking for myself and asking everyone except …

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22 Jun, 2012

Setting the standards

Parents tend to set the standards from a very early age. But one of the most important factors of any child’s upbringing is what that child is exposed to, from childhood into adulthood, therefore it is important that as parents we set the right standards.

Children are not only influenced by their parents, but by other family members including their grandparents, aunts and uncles etc. Those influences will also have an impact, so it’s important they …

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21 Jun, 2012