Why be mean?

It’s very common when we’re angry or resentful to lash out and say mean things to people. When we’re having a bad day, we tend to do the same thing. We’re either jealous, or we don’t see any of their good points. It’s never on a conscious level of course, but either way it’s not something we’re likely to get away with. These things tend to come back on us.

Being mean not only has its repercussions, it also means we continually cross the line as far as our behaviour is concerned. No one likes to be on guard because we say mean things. If the shoe were on …

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26 Jul, 2012

Another dip

With so much stress going on in my life, I’m feeling a little despondent again today. When I’m having a bad day, my thoughts and my writing take a knock. I’ve lost all concentration. I need some quiet time and rest to evaluate things. The good news is I’m still managing to smile.

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23 Jul, 2012

Thoughts on passing

We hold on to our most inner thoughts at the thought of losing someone we love. Growing up my parents seemed to be immortal. When my mother passed, I couldn’t imagine her not being in my life, because I still had my father. Now I cannot imagine a life without him.

As a child, I wasn’t encouraged to explore the possibilities that one day I might have to deal with illness or someone’s passing, let alone deal with my parents’ illness or passing. I was completely …

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22 Jul, 2012