Patience of JOB

Have you noticed that when someone loses patience with you, it’s often not because of something you said, but something they’re struggling with and yet they won’t admit to that?

You know they’re losing their patience with you, because they’re unreasonable on something you said that was totally reasonable. Stressful situations will always culminate in us being less …

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30 Dec, 2012

A holiday cancelled

It’s not been an easy decision, but after weeks of deliberation having booked a short break in October for this coming week, our holiday is being cancelled; postponed for another time.

We’ll book another short break when my health is more reliable and we can all make it. In the meantime, I have decided to take a comprehensive food intolerance test, which will be carried out in the …

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29 Dec, 2012

Sibling rivalry

It doesn’t matter how many brothers or sisters we have, there will always be an element of rivalry, which unfortunately for most, lasts long after childhood.

Sibling happens where children feel they have to compete for the attention of their parents, particularly if they’re getting very little attention, or none at all. It also starts when additional siblings are introduced …

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27 Dec, 2012

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Ilana x