My need for change

I’m here again, but I still need to change certain aspects of my lifestyle, if I am to avoid any long-term complications with my health.

Every time I think I’m on top of my problems with reflux, I find I’m clearly not. With poor muscle tone, being premature and having Cerebral Palsy, it’s not surprising. I want to be able to live a …

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21 Dec, 2012

New research on Gerd

I’m upset that I continue to struggle to stay well, due to problems with reflux. That I must be on my guard and that’s adding to my stress. I hate it.

It’s not something I manage all the time and that’s not easy. The implications of not keeping reflux under wraps, is beginning to scare me, so I’ve gone to the internet again to find out more. There is new research out there that suggests that poor muscle tone is the primary …

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19 Dec, 2012

My thoughts today

The last few days, knowing what I know about the tragic circumstances surrounding the Sandy Hook school have made all that I deal with, pale into insignificance.

Today my thoughts go out to each and every parent, sibling and to the families who were personally touched by this tragedy, and to those who also know someone who is dealing with these …

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18 Dec, 2012

Calling time

There comes a time in our life when having tried everything, we find ourselves calling time on our relationship. Sometimes it’s because we feel we have no choice, but perhaps it doesn’t always mean the other person’s ready to call time.

When the other person is unreasonable, selfish and uncharitable and only thinks about them, there’s no reason why they would call time. They’re usually the ones who journey along in life, thinking others …

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14 Dec, 2012

Emotional control

I have always had people in my life who have used emotional manipulation to get what they want. Emotional manipulation is all about control. But we can free ourselves from its grasp as long as we understand and stop it early enough.

Those who choose to manipulate in this way will say something, and when confronted will deny they said it at all. Sadly, it doesn’t end there, when it’s done for long enough, we will then we begin …

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13 Dec, 2012


Something inspirational:

“Some people will not tolerate such emotional honesty in communication. They would rather defend their dishonesty on the grounds that it might hurt others. Therefore, having rationalized their phoniness into nobility, they settle for superficial relationships.”


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12 Dec, 2012