An open mind

We know what we know, we’re not interested because we know what we know, so why would we keep an open mind?

Having an open mind is important because it allows us to understand what’s going on in our reality, so that we can make sense of the world. It opens our mind to what other people have to say, whether we …

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31 Jan, 2013

Uncertain times

I should have felt elated having completed 1,000 blogs. Yesterday was a milestone for me, but it didn’t really feel like one.

There seems to be an undercurrent pulling me in different directions to where I want to go, with lots of uncertainty still around me. More now than ever as the situation with my father is very uncertain …

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29 Jan, 2013

1,000 blogs

As a child concentrating on anything was particularly difficult for me, given what I was dealing with physically, neurologically and emotionally, so having just completed my 1000 blog on The CP Diary has become a very significant milestone for me. Writing has finally enabled me to turn my life into something positive.

I would like to say a big thank you for everyone who reads by blogs and to all my new friends who have supported me from around the world. The CP Diary wouldn’t have been so successful without all your support …

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28 Jan, 2013

Inevitability of change

We tend to initiate certain changes for ourselves, which we’re okay with, but often when change is imposed on us through circumstances and other people, we’re not so okay.

Certain changes like moving to a new house, going back to school or moving jobs are exciting changes, but whilst we’re initiating those changes, we may still feel apprehension and concern over whether …

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26 Jan, 2013

What could have been

When I look at my father I see a life not lived and am saddened that he never gave me the opportunities to aspire to be anything. What makes this serve as a gentle reminder, is that in 9 months time Claudia starts her new life at university.

As I continue to watch my father’s health deteriorate, I know that I could never have changed my life and that makes me very annoyed, particularly as I continue to make a difference in my children’s …

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24 Jan, 2013

Confidence & ability

As a child, always being controlled and told what to do, didn’t fill me with confidence or self-esteem; so it’s not surprising that I never really knew whether I was capable of achieving anything, or doing anything for myself.

It took me a long to realise that as the adult, I didn’t need my parents’ approval, nor did I need to prove that I was capable of doing things. I believe we spend far too much time trying to show others …

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23 Jan, 2013

Order my new book

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