Tips to reduce stress

It doesn’t matter what anyone of us deal with, unless we find ways to reduce stress appropriately, we will always continue to live with stress.

My tips to reduce stress

These are my daily stress buster tips:

  • If you have an issue to deal with, deal with the issue so you get the results you want, but don’t sit on the issue hoping it will go away. Issues never go away until we deal with them;
  • If the issue you have isn’t yours, but an issue someone else has given you; give the issue back;
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21 Jan, 2013

It’s a moral issue

Unfortunately, the chemotherapy has brought about so many other health problems, but in all fairness to my father’s Consultant, he never promised that if he chose chemotherapy he would have the same quality of life as he’d had up to that point.

Now my father almost vegetates. He can hardly walk, is wheeled around when he’s out of the house and struggles to walk in the house with a Zimmer frame. The Lymphoma is better than it was …

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20 Jan, 2013


Given the fact that we are all the product of our individual upbringing, development and experiences, we will feel different about many different issues. But to accept other people’s differences, we must first feel comfortable in our own skin.

We must learn to accept ourselves unconditionally. In order not to get hurt, we put up barriers to protect ourselves, instead of opening up. There is a part of us that also wants to know about others …

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18 Jan, 2013

No concrete results

Unfortunately, my comprehensive food and drink blood test results have now come back, with no real concrete results on what I really deal with, as far as my problems with my health is concerned.

The results came back with positive reaction to cows milk, egg yolks and grape (Pinot Gris). Of course given that I deal with GERD, digestion and IBS problems, this result doesn’t help, when other …

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15 Jan, 2013

Changing our thinking

I have always agreed with the principles that govern the ‘universal laws,’ so ‘like attracts like’ and ‘what goes around comes around’ resonate and are my beliefs too.

Universal laws are the basic principles that rule every aspect of the universe and are the ways by which our world and the whole cosmos works. For instance, when we focus on positive thoughts, we will …

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14 Jan, 2013

Resisting change

Resistance to change is brought about by our inability to accept that the life we had, isn’t the life we have now. Any circumstances will always be part of the universal resistance, which means the more we resist, the more we draw those circumstances to us.

Some of us worry that because we have to deal with change, we will lose control, but it stands to reason that if we have control before the time we have to change, we’ll have control through change and …

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12 Jan, 2013