Hard to like

There are just some people in our lives that make it so hard for us to like them?

We’ve probably all come across people where something we say that seems totally innate, will turn into a massive argument with us feeling more frustrated that we’re having to fight our corner and still we …

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28 Feb, 2013

CP & sensory problems

If there is anyone out there with cerebral palsy who can relate to sensory problems, I would love to hear from you. It is common for those of us with cerebral palsy to experience abnormal sensation and perception. Not knowing I had cerebral palsy, these are the things I’m having to work through for the first time.

Although this is something I have experienced my whole life, I have only recently been able to make sense of it, since I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy in my forties. The source is the central nervous system …

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27 Feb, 2013


Going round in circles springs to mind this morning, when I look at where I am with everything that’s going on.

I suppose the good part is that I’ve not taken a step back, but it would be great if I could take just one step forward. I’m looking forward to another week’s writing, but would also love to have more of a …

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26 Feb, 2013

Other people’s emotions

Every negative emotion we carry from other people are energies that if left, can potentially become our negative emotions too.

Because our brains are like emotional sponges, it is even more important we challenge ourselves so that we’re not constantly being drawn into other people’s emotions, particularly if they’re negative …

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24 Feb, 2013

Emotional stability

As we live our lives, emotional stability is something that we constantly have to work at. Hurdles become inevitable. They’re not something we can always plan for and are often hard to comprehend and overcome.

But it is our inability to deal with hurdles that leave us in a position where we are less than able to cope emotionally. We won’t always know how to come to terms with what we deal with and being angry is …

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23 Feb, 2013

Actions & reactions

We’re taught that it’s easier to turn the other cheek on someone’s bad behaviour. Like it is okay for them to behave badly and for us to turn the other cheek. I remember being taught the exact thing as a child.

I believe it all comes down to the way people react to other people’s behaviour in certain circumstances. For example, if someone is unkind to you but you respond with kindness, the effect of that person’s …

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21 Feb, 2013

My feelings now

It felt good having cleared up so many uncertainties that have been outstanding over the last few weeks and which are based around my father’s illness and although for a short while I have felt elated, I am actually feeling the opposite today.

It’s often the effort we make that can leave us with a feeling of despondency. I woke up feeling positive, then as the morning started my mood began to change. A few hours on and I’m pleased to …

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20 Feb, 2013

About peace

Something inspirational:

“Peace is something tangible. It silences the outgoing energy of the mind and feeds the aspiring heart. Peace is not merely the absence of quarreling and fighting. True peace is not affected by the roaring of the world, outer or inner. This sea of peace is at our command if we practise the spiritual life.”


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19 Feb, 2013

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