A new thought process

I am beginning to reflect a little, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. I know I still have to bring closure on how I got to this place with Cerebral Palsy.

Given the fact that I will soon no longer be able to address this topic with my father, I think given the circumstances, the time has probably come when I have no choice but to walk away, but I’m not …

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15 Feb, 2013

Negotiating stress

I want a life that’s quiet, one that doesn’t involve having to compromise my thoughts, feelings and beliefs and where I don’t have to avoid stress for fear of becoming unwell.

The problem is that if we have years of negative history with certain people and that continues, we’re likely to get stressed and unwell. Although the right communication, we may not always get it …

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13 Feb, 2013

Wrong decisions

If someone asked my opinion about making big decisions, my advice would be to steer clear of the bigger decisions whilst you’re dealing with large amounts of stress.

I’ve also been struggling with confidence issues. A decision you make that you seem happy with, then regret it once it’s made?  Then when you realise the mistake, you’re not quite sure how to …

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9 Feb, 2013