First impressions

As a society, we tend to form judgments about people very quickly. If we see someone who is overweight we’ve already assumed it’s because they eat too much or they’re not watching their health.

We fail to take into consideration anything that they may be dealing with, or whether they have a medical reason for their weight gain, whether they have a family history of weight problems …

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21 Mar, 2013

Feelings now

After a year of stress, my situation has changed again after my father’s passing and although my life is more peaceful, I’m winding down from stress. There’s no getting away from what we’ve had to deal with.

Having had to keep my feelings and thoughts in check for so long, it’s not surprising the stress of what I’ve had to deal with hasn’t dissipated yet. I still have a way to go, but I definitely have …

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18 Mar, 2013

Our legacies

Our legacy is something we leave behind and is what people remember us by, long after we’ve left these shores.

I’m not sure we realise that as we go about our daily lives, we automatically contribute to our legacy. It’s not just something that just happens when we die. It’s much more than that and is why …

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16 Mar, 2013

It is what it is

I am not sure why ‘it is what it is’ was on my mind today, but perhaps the situation with my parents gone, has brought this thought into my mind.

I cannot change my own circumstances. It’s fine if you’re happy with the situation or outcome you are left with, but if it’s something that you know we’ll never be able to change, it may make it …

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15 Mar, 2013

A week passed

I dedicate this blog to anyone who is still going through, or has gone through dealing with a relative who is terminally ill.

It’s been a week since my father passed and I’m feeling okay about it. I’m just very tired. Although I dealt with my father’s illness the way I intended, there was always stress attached to my visits with …

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13 Mar, 2013

Misguided assumptions

It’s funny how people will comment about a child’s success and then query at the same time how it’s even possible given the child’s parentage.

Just because parents don’t always have the right opportunities, doesn’t mean they are any less clever than their children. Some children are lucky to have the right opportunities afforded to them in …

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12 Mar, 2013