The task ahead

I’m in the process of working on an exclusion and inclusion diet; not to lose weight, but to find out which foods are still making me ill. It’s very slow and laborious but I’m doing much better.

I need to be able to plan my life and make decisions in advance without having to cancel get together or family day outs all the time. I hate that I’m having to take out certain food groups that are …

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30 Apr, 2013


Just because someone pays us a compliment, doesn’t mean we have the confidence to match. That’s not how it works.

Compliments don’t work unless we’re feeling confident inside. Even if we continue to compliment someone, unless that person inwardly feels the compliment, they will never learn to accept …

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27 Apr, 2013

Making adjustments

Adjusting to a life without my parents hasn’t been difficult because I understand, but winding down from all the stress has. It’s amazing how resilient we are when we need to keep everything together, as our own feelings about what we’re dealing with are kept under wraps.

When our situation eventually changes of course, emotionally we not only have to let go of the old feelings so that we can make way for any new feelings, but we must also learn how to adapt. All of this …

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23 Apr, 2013

The 5 food groups

As a society we must accept that the majority of us consume too much of the wrong foods. For most of us a healthy diet is simple and easy to do if we just ate more fruit, vegetables, bread, cereals, potatoes, and pasta.

We should be including in our diet a variety of foods taken from the 5 basic food groups, eaten in the correct proportions …

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21 Apr, 2013