Loss of a loved one

The death of a loved one can often leave us in a bad place, not because of their death but because of the problems they leave behind on their passing, which in one way or another have affected us.

The role of the parent in my mind is clear. Many people though may be left with countless unresolved issues, which can leave them angry but never confused in my opinion. Having lost both parents …

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21 May, 2013

An unspoken bond

Whilst I was at the vets on Friday, a gentleman walked in to the waiting room. I know he had Cerebral Palsy because of his unusual gait. As he approached, we exchanged glances and smiled. I wanted to reach out; I wanted to say something. I wanted to let him know that he wasn’t alone.

I would have love to have chatted with him; I would have loved to have exchanged thoughts and feelings about what we’ve both been through to get to this point. No matter how mild or severe …

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19 May, 2013

10 weeks on

Things are definitely settling down a lot more. The problems that seemed so vast, seem a lot smaller now. Losing my father some 10 weeks ago has left me with a completely different feeling about things and the feeling that things have been left unfinished.

I know that when he was this side of life, things were enormously difficult. It’s not realistic for any of us to believe we can put everything right with our loved ones. I know one thing for sure …

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18 May, 2013

Making changes

I’ve dealt with trauma all my life. I’ve lived with little to no confidence; I’ve struggled to achieve things; I’ve also had difficult relationships with family. It’s when I took myself in hand and started to believe in myself that things began to change.

To some extent I had to wait until the time was right, but the important point is, that’s what I have done. Writing for The CP Diary and using the Diary as a tool, has changed my outlook. I cannot say …

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13 May, 2013

When humour hurts

Without a sense of humour our lives would be too serious, so in some respects it’s important for us to have one. What happens though when humour gets in the way of our relationships; when it becomes bigger than the relationship itself, when we expect others to conform to our behaviour?

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to equate what people say as being humorous because it’s very much part of our culture now. More people are now using humour, to communicate; but there are …

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12 May, 2013