Monday morning thoughts

The last week has been such a tough week. This week is no better. Due to an unscrupulous joiner we have had to bring in another decking company to sort out a new decking and working through that has been stressful.

That will be sorted out today hopefully, but we’re still working on other things in the house, long overdue and which again has been causing stress. Just to change the subject, one thought came to mind …

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17 Jun, 2013


As a race we’re generally sensitive to thinking others are talking about us or having a go at us when they’re talking to us about something.

When we enter a room and someone is talking, we automatically think they’re talking about us; or if someone says something we take offence at what they say, instead of understanding why they felt …

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16 Jun, 2013

Protective parenting

I’ve been asking myself the same question for most of my adult life. Why wouldn’t a parent want to protect their child, particularly if they were dealing with physical problems? We should want to protect our children, so their lives are made easier with whatever they’re dealing with.

The answer I got from my counsellor was that ‘parents may sometimes work the opposite way.’ Of course, being a mum myself, the concept was still baffling. Without getting the balance right between …

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12 Jun, 2013