The art of self-compassion

When I look back at my childhood it’s not difficult to see why I was angry. Through having no choices, I played no part in my own decisions, but still went on to live with the guilt for many years.

No one should be allowed to feel they are to blame for someone else decisions. Even if that person fails to apologise for the decisions they made for you that you’ve had to deal with over the years, I still believe …

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29 Jul, 2013

Using empathy & sympathy

Empathy and sympathy are closely related, but both have different connotations. Empathy is about feeling what someone else feels, whilst sympathy is about action. When you meet someone with empathy it wouldn’t be difficult to see that they are sympathetic too.

Someone who is sympathetic but not empathetic will fail to connect emotionally with anyone. Words express thoughts, but it’s acting on those words that show that we care. As the saying goes ‘actions speak …

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25 Jul, 2013

Don’t be a scapegoat

Don’t be a scapegoat or carry the responsibility for something you didn’t do, but if you have done something, then it’s up to you to be responsible and accept that you have. Never accept blame for something you didn’t do. Accusations are unjust.

Other things to think about

If more than one person is responsible for something that has happened and we’re the only one being made the scapegoat, then we must say. We must use what we know to let others know we’re …

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24 Jul, 2013

What keeps us stuck

As we journey through life, we accumulate various behaviour patterns, which if we let them, keep us permanently stuck; as those patterns continue to impact our lives.

As a child that thought wasn’t something I was consciously aware of, though looking back now there was a part of me that did want to change; but I didn’t have enough understanding around my circumstances …

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22 Jul, 2013