Out of sorts

My confidence takes a knock in the summer months and I hate when that happens. With years of negativity around my physical disability and having to conform to the summer months, I always struggle this time of year.

The winter months don’t seem to get to me in the same way. I seem to have a downer on myself. I’ve also been to the hospital this week to get some more lesions checked out and those will need …

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20 Jul, 2013

High Blood Pressure

It is far better to have low blood pressure than it is to have high. Known as the silent killer because its symptoms aren’t obvious, around 30% of us in the UK have high blood pressure.

If left untreated high blood pressure can increase the risk of a heart attack, or a stroke. It’s something that needs to be checked every 5 years. If after two or three readings your blood pressure …

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19 Jul, 2013

Deceiving appearances

Having been told that my blood test results from the Doctor’s surgery were fine, I then received a call from my doctor to run through some of the results. What was fine then wasn’t fine.

The doctor explained that the ‘markers’ on my liver function test were elevated that this it was nothing to be alarmed about. I also had inflammation, which again was nothing to worry about …

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17 Jul, 2013

Relationship mistakes

When we look back through the generations, starting with our generation, our parents’ generation and their parents’ generation, we often see patterns forming in those relationships. From what I know, the following can be some of our biggest relationship mistakes.

When one partner is more committed and puts more time and effort into making the relationship work and the other doesn’t; it’s time to make sure you’re both on the same page and talk about how …

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16 Jul, 2013

A small world

It’s a small world. Having gone to the doctor last week for a routine blood test with the practice nurse, we made light conversation that turned to us talking about Cerebral Palsy.

It turns out that her daughter was 13 weeks premature and although she wasn’t born with Cerebral Palsy, like me she’s had complications from being premature that she’s had to deal with. I resonate …

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14 Jul, 2013