The healing process

When we can accept people’s bad points as well as good, we know we’ve worked through the healing process. When we can continue to have a relationship with the people who hurt us and are willing to let the hurt go, we know we’ve worked through the healing process.

When we can begin to move forward without holding back or getting angry, we know we’ve worked through the healing process. When we’re calm, and things generally don’t bother us any more …

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20 Aug, 2013

Website update

The change over to the new servers has been successful. We will be monitoring the site over the next few days to ensure it continues to run smoothly. If you do experience any problems in the meantime, please let me know via the comments form. Thank you.

I’ve also posted another blog today called ‘The healing process.’

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19 Aug, 2013

Crossing paths

I have always gone with the belief that things happen for a reason, but I also believe though that things don’t sometimes happen because of a reasoning not always known to us at the time, but that we may learn later why.

That happened to me fairly recently, but on Friday I find out why. A couple of weeks ago I had an appointment at my doctor’s surgery for a fasting blood test and whilst I was waiting in the waiting room, a couple that we have seen socially once or twice, walked past the surgery …

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18 Aug, 2013

Pressures of change

Our lives are going to change again in three weeks when Claudia leaves home for the first time. With A level results behind her now, tonight seems like an anti-climax.

The build up to exams has been enormously difficult for all of us. Emotionally we’ve had to deal with those and the inevitable results on results day that bring about pressures, not only of the exam …

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16 Aug, 2013

Living with conflict

In an ideal world, children will grow up without conflict in their lives, but for many children that doesn’t always happen. I have seen through the eyes of other children, what it was like to live with parents who didn’t fight, but those weren’t my experiences. I was no stranger to conflict.

Of course, it’s normal for parents to disagree, but part of being successful at resolving conflict, is being able to use appropriate communication that allows each partner to express him or herself …

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15 Aug, 2013

Coffee and Your Health

Drinking coffee has a long history of being seen as bad for your health.  However, recent research now suggests that coffee may not be so bad for us after all.

So which is it, good or bad? For most of us, the answer is the health benefits of drinking coffee will likely outweigh the risks. In particular, recent studies have generally found no connection whatsoever …

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12 Aug, 2013