Nothing to fix

The conclusion I came to a long time ago is, “we don’t have to be fixed to be healed.” We must be flexible enough to be ready for what life throws at us. Having a certain belief doesn’t take away pain, but it can help alleviate stress through our understanding.

Having to cope with an illness, challenge or a disability doesn’t mean we’re broken or damaged. It’s just something we’re born with. We’re human, having a human experience and that means we’ll always …

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29 Nov, 2013

Understanding the signs

Although we’re not always akin to understanding how the universe works, I believe the universe sends out pointers to help us work through certain situations.

I remember an incident many years ago through work, where it didn’t matter what I did, I never seemed to be able to please my boss who would fly off the handle at every opportunity. I had to be …

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28 Nov, 2013

Our hang-ups

If we were to understand how we could be more comfortable in our own skin, our hang-ups wouldn’t seem so daunting and we’d get through our issues a lot quicker.

Unfortunately, whether we’re in our teens or in our twenties, it’s not always easy for us to understand the significance of our twenties in our teens and the significance of our thirties in our …

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26 Nov, 2013


Whether we like it or not, we are surrounded by equipment in our homes and at work that produce electromagnetic fields, or EMF’s. EMF stands for ‘electromagnetic field.’ An EMF is a force field around an object that has an effect on an object within its field.

Devices emitting EMF’s include microwave ovens, laptops, tablets, cordless telephones, cell phones and phone masts and electricity pylons. There are two types of EMF – the first is known to be …

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25 Nov, 2013

Sowing a seed

As a child, I said very little. I wasn’t encouraged to think for myself, so I thought more than I said. Years on, I do things very differently. Sowing a seed is a thought we set in motion, a thought that will take root, possibly grow and blossom into something that takes place and bears fruit.

That thought should eventually have a much greater impact on that person’s life, but they won’t necessarily understand or know that at the time the seed has been planted. These thoughts tend to have …

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23 Nov, 2013

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