It’s our choice

We can choose to squander our hours away thinking about the things we could have done but didn’t, or we can begin to focus on the things we can do in the present time.

We can dwell on our previous mistakes, or we can focus on making progress instead. We can think about the opportunities we could have taken, or we can think about the opportunities we have …

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20 Nov, 2013

The cycle of life

Before mum passed, she told me she wasn’t scared of death but how she might die scared her. The mere thought of death can send shivers down our spine, a subject that has been taboo for far too long.

We talk about life, but we fail to talk about death in the same way, and considering death is our only surety, it’s sad that …

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19 Nov, 2013

Through the generations

Happy relationships don’t rely on fate, they don’t rely on our parents, or their parents before them. They rely on communication, the right interaction and the choices we make. A choice we make to do things better. As we look back through the generations, we may often see patterns emerging of behaviour that we shouldn’t want to repeat.

We must want to chart our own path, our own journey, regardless of what’s gone before us. Unless we make a conscious decision to change things, we will unconsciously emulate our parents’ failings …

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17 Nov, 2013

Aloe Vera

I still continue to look for ways to improve my health, whilst I continue to look for ways not to get ill. I can’t afford to deal with illness. Unfortunately, I’ve not been feeling well since I came back from St Andrews. It takes me a while to recover from the journey, so I’m trying something else that may help.

I’ve known about Aloe for a while now, but I’ve never tried it, primarily because I’m prone to side effects. It’s great for IBS, digestive problems and reflux. I’ve had to reduce the amount I take …

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16 Nov, 2013


Diabetes is a potentially life threatening condition that causes a person’s blood sugar level to become too high. Here in the UK, it is thought that around 3 million people are affected by diabetes and a further 850,000 people go undiagnosed.

In the US it is estimated that 26 million people have diabetes, or 8% of the country’s population and last year (2012) it is estimated to have cost $245 billion in direct medical costs and lost …

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13 Nov, 2013

Emotional scarring

It’s difficult to carry emotional scars and move forward. Emotional scarring, although part of a particular event or circumstance, consumes our waking thoughts, perceptions and actions and like all emotions are not something we’re always in control of.

It’s also the reason why we fail to heal and opt out on moving forward. It’s also the biggest reason why we fail to deal with our scars on a conscious level. Some of us will even have trouble acknowledging …

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12 Nov, 2013