Issues are lessons

I believe the issues we deal with are our lessons and that if we were to stand back, we’d see and understand how we could put those issues right.

I tend to work on the assumption that issues are obstacles, challenges and problems that we initiate ourselves. If you were to work on your understanding that everything happens for a reason, issues are lessons …

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10 Nov, 2013

The little accomplishments

Isn’t it funny that we only see the big accomplishments; the little accomplishments we don’t see or even acknowledge. They come in many forms, but we cannot change what we don’t always recognise and maybe that’s part of the problem.

Why is it that we fail to recognise the little things and only see the big things? We get to a certain age, look back and begin to feel disgruntled that we haven’t accomplished anything. Everything we’ve …

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7 Nov, 2013


It’s an all too common scenario when the younger generation isn’t frightened to give up the reality that doesn’t quite fit their expectations.

After all, leaving a course or leaving a job seems like the logical thing to do when you’re not happy. This happened to me. However, a psychologist who studied achievement, attributes success of …

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6 Nov, 2013

Michaela’s story


Alison Kjeldgaard from World of Children Award has contacted me and told me about Michaela Mycroft, a 19-year-old girl who has cerebral palsy and who is an international advocate for children with disabilities. World of Children Award will be honoring Michaela at their annual Awards Ceremony on November 7.

Born with cerebral palsy, 19-year-old Michaela Chaeli Mycroft sees her disability as a unique opportunity to speak around the world as an “ability advocate,” working toward a global community …

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4 Nov, 2013

All grown up

I have never been more exposed to the elements of everyday life since both my parents passed and that is scary. Walking through life being grown up is never easy, more so dealing with my neurological issues.

I have days where I manage to take things in my stride; days where I make decisions and I seem more than happy with my decisions and days where issues just seem beyond me and with others …

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3 Nov, 2013