Support has to work

I have learned that not all support makes good support. It’s only when we come to lose someone that we have time to reflect where we are with the support we’ve had. It goes without saying that support needs to work and be right if we are to function comfortably in our lives.

We need people around us who will listen, people who don’t constantly stand in judgment or challenge us. We need people who will allow us to talk openly about what we deal with, without ignoring our …

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20 Dec, 2013

Health problems cont.d

There are days where I look at my life and I’m okay with it because it is what it is, then I’m ill again with digestion problems and I’m annoyed that I can’t function normally and that this is my life.

Each day brings with it a different outcome on my health and that’s where I struggle. I was always going to get to this point. I’m annoyed I was kept in the dark on everything I’ve ever had to deal …

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19 Dec, 2013

Misplaced expectations

As a child we expect our parents to put us first, to make decisions for us that will be for our benefit, above what they want for themselves. It’s what a parent does, right?

Hoping that will happen can be our biggest disappointment that may result in misplaced expectations if we don’t learn to let go. It’s not something a child should have to deal with. Being a parent …

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17 Dec, 2013


Seasonal Affective Disorder, or S.A.D. as it is widely known, is a recognised form of depression that has a seasonal pattern with episodes of depression occurring at the same time each year, normally during the winter months.

As with other types of depression, the main symptoms of S.A.D. are a low mood and a lack of interest in life, together with being less active than normal and/or sleeping more than usual. These symptoms often begin in the autumn as the days start getting shorter and are usually …

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16 Dec, 2013

Images of illness

When I found out my father was terminally ill, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to watch his declining health. I began to cope reasonably well, as I was able to dip into my father’s life at a pace that I could cope with.

Because of my Cerebral Palsy, I have abnormal sensation and perception problems, which means I have difficulty in the way my brain interprets what I see when people are ill, so the image of …

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14 Dec, 2013


As a child growing up with numerous problems, I would periodically look over my shoulder at others and remember unconsciously feeling envy at their ‘normal’ life and what I was struggling with.

Inwardly I was never hateful but know that my own personal circumstances had a lot to do with how I felt about myself and what I was going through at the time to make me look outside of my own …

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12 Dec, 2013