Fear of commitment

Fear of commitment is a well-known phrase we hear being banded about, it may even describe you if that is something you struggle with, and as we unconsciously fail to commit, life passes us by.

A fear of commitment is losing something to gain something new. The reality for anyone who has difficulty with commitment is making a wrong decision, but with careful consideration we come through …

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30 Jan, 2014

Lessons in difficult times

We learn our lessons in the most difficult of times and difficult times are a necessary part of spiritual and emotional growth. It is only through challenging times that we will learn how to become adept at dealing with and working through our lives.

I come back to resilience, because the more resilient we are, the more staying power we will have to get through difficult times. Although resilience can help us bounce back, resilience can’t give us a life without …

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27 Jan, 2014

Mental health issues

Mental health is the psychological state of someone who functions at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioural adjustment. To admit we deal with issues, or even recognise we have emotional issues is the hardest thing we will ever do.

It is sad that in the 21st century, we still don’t openly talk about things and say how we feel. Instead we ignore and isolate our feelings in the hope those feelings will go away, without us looking for outside …

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24 Jan, 2014

Empathy & relationships

It helps when people have empathy towards each other. It also helps to be around others who are empathetic, but does it make relationships or friendships harder when empathy is only used by one of you?

It certainly makes for very challenging times when one person is empathetic and the other isn’t. When one person doesn’t empathise, it’s always difficult for the other person to know how to react. It’s a …

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23 Jan, 2014

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