Our ability to change

The good thing about the human condition is that we have the ability to think, feel, see and understand how to change things, unlike computers that rely on the information we programme them with.

In a nutshell computers can’t think for themselves, but as humans we have the ability to think and although our experiences will often condition our thinking, we still have the ability to think and …

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18 Feb, 2014

Thoughts on my health

I don’t feel happy or sad. Feeling indifferent. I’m a little tired. I’ve slowed down, but not to the point of stopping. I can’t seem to motivate myself at all. I’m not feeling totally unwell, but not feeling one hundred per cent.

When I begin to look at the bigger picture on my health, I concern myself of what I know I will eventually struggle with. I know that the supplements I take work for a finite time, then they stop working …

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15 Feb, 2014

The proverbial chip

I’ve spent my life living with people who carry the proverbial chip. The chip they carry seems to be permanently etched deep in their unconscious.

Unfortunately, it’s not something people easily identify with so very little change is made to sort out the problem, but living with a chip eventually makes it someone else’s problem. The proverbial …

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11 Feb, 2014

Bringing out the worst

It would be lovely to think people only want to bring out the best in us, but there are those who will continually insist on bringing out the worst in us, by constantly finding fault. I think that when that happens it says a lot about them and very little about us.

Fault is taken from the ego that is responsible for the misrepresentation on how we see and behave towards other people. When we learn to take our ego out of any equation, we become selfless …

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10 Feb, 2014