The art of listening

We’re listening, but we’re not really listening. Listening is one of the most important skills we will develop in our lifetime. It’s so important, yet we consciously fail to grasp its concept.

The act of listening isn’t just about hearing words, but paying attention to what’s really being said. We hear words, but we’re not concentrating. We must listen beyond words and look deep into …

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20 Mar, 2014

Organs & our emotions

Unfortunately, modern medicine takes a very mechanical view of the body and the physiological functions of its organs, but in Greek medicine and other traditional medical systems, the internal organs are seen as being strongly affected by the emotions.

For example, the heart is very sensitive to emotional states. Uplifting emotions like courage, honesty and compassion strengthen the heart, whereas guilt and remorse weaken it. Love and the emotional …

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17 Mar, 2014

Through the chaos

We all have uncertainty and unpredictability in our lives, but if like me you’re dealing with more than one and your life seems like its chaos, you’re going to have to find a way through. Giving up isn’t an option.

The problem I have is that I’m looking at my problems in one batch. When I think about what I’ve dealt with over the last few years and what I still have to deal with, I shudder at the thought of …

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16 Mar, 2014

Divided loyalties

I wasn’t taught anything about loyalties or divided loyalties when I was a child, but I was aware of both from a very early age. Being a sensitive child I was aware of most things.

I believe though that by nature, a child’s response will always be influenced by their parents’ relationship with each other. When parents work together as a team, children will have little cause to …

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14 Mar, 2014

Choosing supplements


Choosing supplements

Type the word ‘supplement’ into Google and you will be presented with 55,300,000 results, which include a plethora of supplement retailers, articles and advertorials touting supplements for weight loss, muscle gain, fatigue… the list goes on.

On top of this, supplements can be found in every supermarket, high street health store, chemist and independent health food shops.  With such a wide range of supplements, how do we know …

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13 Mar, 2014

A nervous tension

The same feelings I had as a child are back. When I look at everything I’m dealing with from the outside in, I get a feeling in the pit of my stomach as my mind begins to feel anxious.

It usually comes when I’ve had too many uncertain things over a long period of time to deal with and I hear bad news. It doesn’t have to be my own bad news, just something I hear. My own shadow …

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12 Mar, 2014