The universe and its laws

I’ve already done a very short blog on the universal laws, but wanted to elaborate further. When we do something that goes against the universe that something will never work for us, but when we apply the universal laws, we will always bring good intentions and things into our lives. The universe acts as a tool for right and wrong.

When we fail at something we often blame someone else, but the truth is, it’s the universe that conspires to work against us when it thinks that what we’re doing is wrong. I believe if more of us began to …

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18 Apr, 2014

Two ways of living

As children we look for acceptance. As we begin to build on our relationships, we spend our lives trying to convince those people we’re worthy contenders, instead of us learning to be who we are. Consequently, we may never know who we are.

We spend our lives worrying that if we’re not accepted, that we’re somehow not worthy. We put pressure on ourselves just so that we will fit in. We spend a lifetime living up to other people’s …

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16 Apr, 2014

Perceptions of time

It’s probably a good thing that we don’t consciously think about time all the time. If we thought about time and all the things that could happen within time, we’d spend our lives worrying over every little thing.

If we knew as children that time would go quickly, we’d worry that we’d have to deal with losing both our parents. No one analyses time, we know time exists and that time allows us to get on with our …

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12 Apr, 2014

Disability & families

As a child growing up with something, later realising it was a mild disability, meant my disability would become part of my family’s life too. Trying to manage any disability around family is difficult.

I didn’t understand what was wrong with me, let alone how what was wrong with me would affect my family, but looking back years later and a comment that was made by one of my siblings, reinforced …

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11 Apr, 2014