Are we ever prepared?

We can prepare ourselves for a forthcoming exam, we can prepare ourselves for school, we can even prepare ourselves for an interview, but when we look at everything that happens in our lives, are we ever really prepared?

I was never prepared for life in the true sense. Without the support it was impossible. I’ve had to do all the preparatory work myself. If I couldn’t see my way through an issue, I would have to find a way …

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30 Jun, 2014

The last few days

The last few days have been somewhat of a challenge. The miserable weather isn’t helping and I’m feeling very tired.

I’m looking forward to resting and not thinking, although thoughts for my blog is the exception to that rule. With university and graduation firmly behind us now, it’s time to move on and look forward …

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29 Jun, 2014

A dip in the road

Events beyond our control may force us to take a dip in the road. Those events may take us down a completely different path from the one we started, may lead us to a different decision we might not otherwise have made.

While any new road may not have been our first choice that doesn’t mean it’s the wrong choice. Sometimes the wrong road is the right choice, even though it’s not the road we had intended or started on …

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27 Jun, 2014

The health risks of red meat

In a large US study reported in the New Scientist, November 2006 that looked at the dietary intake of protein in almost 90,000 female nurses to explore their risk of breast cancer over a 20-year period, red meat was found to be linked to incidences of breast cancer and also a number of other cancers, including bowel and colon.

The study included 88,803 female nurses aged between twenty-four and forty-three, all from the US. These women had all participated in a wider study previously and had completed a questionnaire about …

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26 Jun, 2014

The way it is

We try to please others because we have to, or we have no choice. We don’t stop to think about ourselves and whether the people we’re trying to please, will reciprocate.

When we go out of our way to please others, we fail to please or think about ourselves. Expectations from others will always be there. It took me many years to see that myself, but compromises …

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25 Jun, 2014

A non-progressive disorder

According to medical care professionals, cerebral palsy is a ‘non-progressive disorder’ that the physical functioning of a person with cerebral palsy will remain the same throughout that person’s life. I have been told the same thing myself and this is simply not true.

In the last six months, new physical problems have emerged that don’t correlate with the ageing process, or my age. For those of us who deal with cerebral palsy, the physical effects of cerebral palsy as we …

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22 Jun, 2014

Difficulties in letting go

We have difficulties in letting go either because we’re not consciously aware we’re holding on to bad patterns that stop us from letting go, we know we’re holding on, but don’t know how to let go.

The path to happiness is never straight forward, but for those of us who are brave enough to face it, it’s a path that will bring us the most peace. First, we must learn to let go of the attitudes …

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21 Jun, 2014

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