Drawing comparisons

We draw comparisons, but perhaps we shouldn’t, because drawing comparisons can lead to discouragement, doubt and fear. Comparisons may also limit our own ambitions if we choose to ride with them for long enough.

The truth is no one is better than you, because you’re walking your own path so there is no need for comparisons. When we continue to compare and draw comparisons with others, we’re giving ourselves numerous …

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31 Aug, 2014

A chilled weekend

I am sure we’ve all been reminded of issues, issues that have happened in the past that we thought we’d left behind.

My life tends to go in fits and spurts, but I’ve spent a large chunk of my life dealing with issues that have been resurrected by other people that always had the potential to cause new stress …

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30 Aug, 2014

Animal Fats & Bone Density

How many of us are aware that consuming too much beef, chicken, lamb, duck, pork and milk can rob the body of precious calcium? It is little known that calcium-rich plant foods, are in fact the best sources of the enablers of calcium metabolism.

Indeed, an American Journal of Clinical Nutrition article entitled, ‘Incidence of osteoporosis in vegetarians and omnivores,’ cited that vegetarians were even found to have greater bone mass than meat eaters …

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28 Aug, 2014

Changing negative self-talk

To change negative self-talk we must be aware of our inner-self talk and the words we speak to other people. We must always think on a conscious level about how we speak, and how we let certain situations affect us.

Unfortunately, what we think creates how we feel, how we feel determines how we act, and how we act, creates our experiences …

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27 Aug, 2014

My unsettling life

I believe life is made up of pictures pertaining to memories of past experiences. If I were to look at my own pictures, it would be easy for me to spiral down into days and months of negativity and that’s simply why I choose not to look back.

My present circumstances are also a reflection and mirrors my past of how I got to this place. Of course, I understand the bigger picture of why, but even the bigger picture doesn’t help my thoughts …

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25 Aug, 2014

Letting go of the guilt

If you’ve been instrumental in trying to help someone who has been through trauma, or it’s your own trauma, it’s easy to feel guilty that you should have been able to bring the rightful conclusion so that everyone is happy.

When you know there’s nothing you can do to change the final outcome, then it’s time to let go. With trauma, the final outcome may not be the one you want or the one you worked so hard to get …

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24 Aug, 2014

Dealing with depression

I was shocked when I heard about Robin Williams’ death. I am sure we all were, but his case has shown me a very different side to depression.

I’ve talked about depression in one or two of my other blogs here on the site, but there is really another side to it that I haven’t spoken about that perhaps I should. Depression is a subject no one …

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22 Aug, 2014

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