Negativity & insecurity

Negativity mirrors insecurity. If we live with negativity, we will live with insecurity too. We tend to notch them both up like hot dinners.

Although neither is genetically disposed, insecurities are often induced by our upbringing and environment and will make those who have a pre-disposition to being negative and insecure more …

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21 Aug, 2014

We don’t listen

It sounds obvious I know, but listening skills always start with listening. We know we should, but do we listen, I mean really listen?

I don’t think we do, primarily because we’re often preoccupied with our own thoughts and that stops us from listening to what other people have to say. Perhaps in a way it’s easier because we …

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20 Aug, 2014

Our perceptions & realities

Our perceptions are our reality, which become our stories. As we go about our daily lives, we all get caught up in our own stories.

Most of us will come to believe over time that we are our stories, that we created those stories, but when we stop convincing ourselves those stories aren’t the life we actually want that’s when we …

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18 Aug, 2014

Feelings of intimidation

It’s usually not what people say, it’s how they say it and that can make us feel intimidated. Some circumstances can make us feel vulnerable.

Intimidation can happen at many levels too, ranging from parents, families, individuals, in the school playground, even work, anywhere where we come into contact with people. People make us feel …

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16 Aug, 2014

It’s easy to judge

It doesn’t matter whether we’re ordinary, or we live in the public domain, it’s still the easiest thing in the world for us to comment or pass judgment on another person’s life and circumstances.

But unless our life is perfect, I’m not sure any of us are really in a position to comment, but that is exactly what we do. As individuals, only we really know our circumstances and what we have to …

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14 Aug, 2014