Another universal thought

‘We seem to be heading in the right direction, we’re doing the right things but circumstances are still conspiring against us.’

I believe that whilst we’re in contact with others who don’t conform to the rules of the universe, the universe will always conspire to ensure those people learn from their experiences, even if it means …

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29 Sep, 2014

The universe conspires

The universe will always conspire to work with us on the things we do that are right. If we do and say the right things, those things should work out.

When we do things for our own gain because we’re greedy or we think we’re entitled, the universe will have its own ideas on whether we’re entitled. When we look back in perspective, it is easy to see how we …

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28 Sep, 2014

Revisiting old issues

We’d be different people than we are today if we’d had the opportunity to do and experience the things others have been lucky enough to experience.

If that isn’t the case, to hold on to romantic notions of imagining how our lives could have been, the whole exercise will become futile and upsetting. When I look back on my father’s life, with his …

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26 Sep, 2014

Everyone’s potential

When we’re dealing with physical problems and are desperate to be heard, hurting and ignored for the most part, it’s easy to understand why we would withdraw and why others would then choose to define us as being lazy.

No one is born that way. Our environment and what we have to deal with has an impact and is often the reason why we behave a certain way. It’s a coping mechanism. No one consciously chooses …

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25 Sep, 2014

Solving problems differently

If someone came to you with a problem, you would more than likely find a solution must faster, than if you were facing the same problem yourself. Is that because other people’s problems seem clearer? I’m not convinced myself, but we do tend to approach and see other people’s problems as a challenge that must apply a different thinking from us.

Even if we’re facing the same problem as the one we were trying to solve for someone else, we know we would have to deal with it on a conscious level, but would also have to come out of our …

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23 Sep, 2014

The Write & Burn Letter

Not everyone will have the opportunity to speak to their parents about unresolved childhood issues that continue to affect them. Whilst I would always recommend speaking to your parents, I do think it is important to get your message across in a way that allows you to get the best results.

When parents get so many things wrong, children end up with a list that can make them vulnerable to their own shortcomings. If you can’t speak to your parents because you know they’re not approachable …

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22 Sep, 2014

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