The fear of change

The fear of change. Why do we fear it? It’s not the change itself that we fear, it’s the adjustment that causes the stress that we fear the most. Even positive change can make us feel this way.

Some changes we accept. Those are the changes that are so subtle they don’t even register with us. They happen and we accept that. For example, growing up. We deal with each stage of growing up …

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20 Sep, 2014

Courage & success

Courage isn’t something we’re born with. It’s not something afforded to us, bought or even something we can borrow. It’s an inward behaviour that if honed and nurtured correctly will help us through our lives, through circumstances that aren’t yet determined.

With a positive childhood confidence grows, confidence if used in great measures, equals courage and courage in time should equal success. That just because we don’t start off with confidence …

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19 Sep, 2014

An other’s decisions

It’s accepted that when we’re little, our parents will make the decisions for us, that as we grow they will encourage us to make our own decisions so that we can begin to make our own decisions, follow our own path.

If like me that didn’t happen for you, you shouldn’t feel accountable or responsible, because they’re not taking responsibility for the decisions they made for you. For years, I felt I had failed …

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17 Sep, 2014

Inflexible thinking

There are those who demonstrate forms of inflexibility, and genuinely live with difficulties in accepting change, shifting thoughts, making transitions.

Those inflexible patterns become part of us, they’re what we know and what we’re comfortable with. Inflexibility or ‘rigid thinking’, comes about when an individual is unable to consider alternative thoughts …

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15 Sep, 2014

Family & issues

Some families have a lot to answer for. Too often issues are brought into the equation by other family members that don’t belong to us and will interfere in our daily lives.

As long as we’re not responsible for those issues, there is no need for us to carry them, as if they were our own. It’s easy to unconsciously apportion blame to those of us who are connected by …

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12 Sep, 2014