Effects of Aluminium

You might be surprised to discover that the metal aluminium is the 3rd most abundant element in the earth’s crust, after oxygen and silicon. In addition to obvious uses in cars and aeroplanes and construction, in our daily lives, it is found in many household items such deodorants, cooking utensils and food packaging.

In 1970, a Canadian research team found that there was a connection between our intake of aluminum and the development of Alzheimer’s disease. High levels of aluminum concentrations were found …

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20 Oct, 2014

What is normal?

I’ve asked myself this question many times before. What is normal? What one person perceives as being normal, another person won’t. My definition of normal is something that’s usual or typical or something expected that doesn’t deviate from the norm.

Normal seems to be based around behaviour. When it comes to us evaluating our own behaviour, we decide how to act and what is normal, based on our perceptions of how we see others and …

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19 Oct, 2014

Looking after ourselves

When it comes to us looking after ourselves, it’s a balance between work life and our personal life and is definitely not as easy as it looks. In reality, it takes many years for us to hone and fully understand how to look after ourselves and even then some of us won’t get it right.

Looking after ourselves means we not only have to learn how to become independent for the first time, but we also have to look after our emotional and physical health, so that we’re not constantly dealing with …

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17 Oct, 2014

Seeking parents’ approval

Unfortunately, when we’re not told we’re loved, or we’re not told that our parents are proud of us, we will spend a lifetime trying to seek their approval; that we’re worthy of their love and support.

We shouldn’t have to seek our parents’ approval. The fact that a parent can unconsciously make us feel these things is a good enough reason for us not to feel these things, or that we have to …

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14 Oct, 2014

Living in the shadow

When parents fail to make decisions individually for their children, their children will go through their lives living in the shadow of their siblings.

Shadowing a sibling doesn’t happen through choice. It usually comes through a parents’ inability to let their children live independent lives. It’s an easy way for parents to parent. It becomes a one …

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13 Oct, 2014